• June 12th - My first match.

On June 12th, 1991 Nikita Koloff faced off against Sting at Clash of the Champions XV. This was the first wrestling match I ever watched, and I got a chance to mention it to Koloff when I met him at Wrestlereunion during Wrestlemania weekend this past March. He actually mentioned my comment in an interview he did later that day for The Roman Show.

Anyways, this was the first in a series of high profile matches during this feud that spanned the summer of 1991. It began when Koloff accidentally caught Sting with a chain that was intended for Lex Luger a month prior at Superbrawl. Koloff would get a victory over the Stinger a month later at Great American Bash in a Russian chain match before abruptly disappearing from WCW to run his gym in North Carolina, consequently ending the classic feud.

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